Tunis: The City of Glory



Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, is incredible is its own way. It has not only modernized itself to meet the international standards but also has cultivated and protected the long running tradition. It is an important commercial and economic centre of North Tunisia. While moving around in the streets of Tunisia, you can discover the impressive metallurgical work and exquisite carpets and other items.




The Music Garden of Toronto


If ever you are in Toronto, then take your time and move out from furnished apartment or rental apartment in Toronto and make a visit to the Music Garden which was designed by Julie Moir Messervy and the cellist Yo-Yo Ma. The garden is a beautiful version of Bach’s suite divided in 6 parts. The Music Garden is a beautiful masterpiece which is worth-visiting.

Venetian Carnival


One of the most well-known international festivals, the Venice Carnival is a festival of colorful mask. The streets of Venice are full with people in masks. The Venetian Carnival still follows the traditional way of celebration. From your holiday apartments or hotel apartments you can have a complete view of the Carnival.

Marketing for Christmas in Vienna

Enjoy your Christmas shopping in these places when you visit Vienna.

Christmas has always been a special fest for everyone. Whenever the winter comes or whenever the Christmas season comes, the markets of Austria makes it livelier. If you have any plans to visit Vienna before Christmas, then while staying at your family apartment or corporate apartment you can go for shopping. There are numerous places in Vienna which can be visited to shop. Christkindlmarkt at the Vienna City Hall, Spittelberg and Schönbrunn Castle are the important places where you can shop for Christmas. Spittelberg is the most traditional Christmas market in Vienna.




My days in Amsterdam- Especially my staying in House boats

The canals of Amsterdam – I believe they are the life-line of the city. There are many options to stay like the hotels and apartments in Amsterdam and I was happy to get my room there too. My adventure for boat-ride in Amsterdam made me come across many house-boats that you can take for your stay. I thought of spending my last 2 days of Amsterdam holidays in the house-boats. It was a great time there as I could take a complete tour of the city relaxing in my house-boat.

“Enchanting Island of Djerba”

I cannot forget my travel to Djerba, Tunisia. It is a wonderful island I must say, an island in North African Coast specifically. I can still feel the heat of this island, but the charming destination enchants with its white menzels (houses), field with apricots, grenadines, lemon, oranges, pomegranates, figs and grapes plantation. There are small mosques, Borj el-Kebir and the (Houmt-Souk) market centre. It is rightly called the Isle of Forgetfulness.

Horse Flu in Sydney, Be Safe on Your Visit

I went through a report on Horse-flu during my official stay in one of the hotels in Sydney. Lately, there have been cases of horse flu in Australia. A summit was held on national equine influenza in Sydney. New South Wales Primary Industries Minister though said that there are little chances for the outbreak of horse-flu, but little can be said or affirmed on this matter. He said a complete vaccination can though save you the deadly flu. However, Equine Veterinarians Association made an equally alarming statement that it is impossible to be completely vaccinated from the horse-flu as the virus of equine influenza keeps on changing shape and strain.

Tunisian Chorba on my Tunisia Holiday


What better end could it be to end my Tunisia Holiday by trying the local specialty which has influences of several culture. I remember when I had dined in one of the restaurants of Tunis, I was offered menu which featured various cuisines. On seeing the list, I felt why the hell was I eating the regular breakfast and dinner in my Tunis hotel. The names made me think they were mouth-watering and delicious. I scrolled my finger tip to chorbas and ordered for one.I was told it was prepared with Vermicelli and vegetable soup. I liked the soup and wished to have the restaurant earlier.

As it was a short vacation in Tunisia, I could not explore more Tunisian cuisines. I hope when I come again to this country, I will make a list of the cuisines and enjoy everyday for a change.





My Tunisia Holiday- Exploring Roman remains in Bardo National Museum


Today is 25/7/2008 and it is 7:00 am. Whenever I am in vacation, I make it a point that I should feel free of all the wordly. But as usual I cannot make it. Now when I am on my Tunisia holiday, I am off my bed and experiencing the morning life with a cup of tea in hands. Its indeed a lovely morning. Sometimes, I wonder what would have Tunisia looked like during Roman period. Certainly, must have been wonderful. During my stay in one of the hotels in Tunis, though I did not have much advantage to visit the ancient Roman remains and sites, I made sure to visit the Bardo National Museum. Amazing collection of artefacts from archaeological sites.

Santa Banta Jokes: Santa & Banta in London


Santa to Banta- “Lets go to London.”
Banta to Santa- “But I don’t know English.”

Santa assures Banta he will help to understand and talk in English as he is better than average knowledge of English. And the next day, Santa and Banta were there in London. Suddenly, a blonde lady comes and starts shouting in English-

“You idiots, don’t you know the traffic rules.” Blah, Blah, Blah!!

Santa turns around and says confidently, “To the Principal, Government High secondary school, Village Noorpur, Post Office Noorpur, Tehsil Jalandhar, District Jalandhar, Punjab, India. Sir … I am having severe stomach aches since yesterday, and my Phamily doctor has recomended bed rest! …. Please grant me two days holiday. Yours Obediently …. Santa.”

The lady is startled and retreats back to her car.

Banta to Santa- “You put that lady back in her place, your English sounds better than hers.”

Santa to Banta- “That was only a sample, if she would have stayed around for a while, I would have recited thirsty crow and Greedy dog for her as well.”

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