The Music Garden of Toronto


If ever you are in Toronto, then take your time and move out from furnished apartment or rental apartment in Toronto and make a visit to the Music Garden which was designed by Julie Moir Messervy and the cellist Yo-Yo Ma. The garden is a beautiful version of Bach’s suite divided in 6 parts. The Music Garden is a beautiful masterpiece which is worth-visiting.


Venetian Carnival


One of the most well-known international festivals, the Venice Carnival is a festival of colorful mask. The streets of Venice are full with people in masks. The Venetian Carnival still follows the traditional way of celebration. From your holiday apartments or hotel apartments you can have a complete view of the Carnival.

Marketing for Christmas in Vienna

Enjoy your Christmas shopping in these places when you visit Vienna.

Christmas has always been a special fest for everyone. Whenever the winter comes or whenever the Christmas season comes, the markets of Austria makes it livelier. If you have any plans to visit Vienna before Christmas, then while staying at your family apartment or corporate apartment you can go for shopping. There are numerous places in Vienna which can be visited to shop. Christkindlmarkt at the Vienna City Hall, Spittelberg and Schönbrunn Castle are the important places where you can shop for Christmas. Spittelberg is the most traditional Christmas market in Vienna.