Santa Banta Jokes: Santa & Banta in London


Santa to Banta- “Lets go to London.”
Banta to Santa- “But I don’t know English.”

Santa assures Banta he will help to understand and talk in English as he is better than average knowledge of English. And the next day, Santa and Banta were there in London. Suddenly, a blonde lady comes and starts shouting in English-

“You idiots, don’t you know the traffic rules.” Blah, Blah, Blah!!

Santa turns around and says confidently, “To the Principal, Government High secondary school, Village Noorpur, Post Office Noorpur, Tehsil Jalandhar, District Jalandhar, Punjab, India. Sir … I am having severe stomach aches since yesterday, and my Phamily doctor has recomended bed rest! …. Please grant me two days holiday. Yours Obediently …. Santa.”

The lady is startled and retreats back to her car.

Banta to Santa- “You put that lady back in her place, your English sounds better than hers.”

Santa to Banta- “That was only a sample, if she would have stayed around for a while, I would have recited thirsty crow and Greedy dog for her as well.”