“Enchanting Island of Djerba”

I cannot forget my travel to Djerba, Tunisia. It is a wonderful island I must say, an island in North African Coast specifically. I can still feel the heat of this island, but the charming destination enchants with its white menzels (houses), field with apricots, grenadines, lemon, oranges, pomegranates, figs and grapes plantation. There are small mosques, Borj el-Kebir and the (Houmt-Souk) market centre. It is rightly called the Isle of Forgetfulness.


Tunisian Chorba on my Tunisia Holiday


What better end could it be to end my Tunisia Holiday by trying the local specialty which has influences of several culture. I remember when I had dined in one of the restaurants of Tunis, I was offered menu which featured various cuisines. On seeing the list, I felt why the hell was I eating the regular breakfast and dinner in my Tunis hotel. The names made me think they were mouth-watering and delicious. I scrolled my finger tip to chorbas and ordered for one.I was told it was prepared with Vermicelli and vegetable soup. I liked the soup and wished to have the restaurant earlier.

As it was a short vacation in Tunisia, I could not explore more Tunisian cuisines. I hope when I come again to this country, I will make a list of the cuisines and enjoy everyday for a change.